The missing link between the survey grade GNSS drone and high precision photogrammetry.

GeoAdjust was developed to compute accurate camera coordinates on a UAV in flight. Timing adjustments, antenna to camera offsets, and drone attitude are taken into consideration to compute as accurate as possible the camera coordinates for importing into photogrammetry software.


  • Can load JPEG images from the DJI Phantom 4 Pro or DJI Phantom 4 RTK
  • Able to read GNSS coordinates from RTKLIB, or about any other post processing software able to export a text file
  • Camera event times can be read from the Emlid RTKLIB events.pos file, or the Phantom 4 RTK timestamp.mrk file
  • Can apply a time adjustment constant to correct any systematic timing error between the shutter and event time
  • Using the adjusted time will compute an accurate antenna phase center coordinate between GNSS epochs
  • Will apply a lever arm 3D rotational correction from the antenna to the camera based on the UAV attitude and XYZ offsets
  • Based on the above corrections a comma delimited file can by output for use in photogrammetry software
  • Error estimates of the camera coordinates can be included in the output file based on the GNSS quality, timing error estimate, and calculated speed.

Windows 10 installation file download link: GeoAdjust v1.02_Setup - Compiled May 19, 2019

Software will process up to 75 photos without registration.

Support email:


To request a GeoAdjust license key please send an email to with your full name, company name, and address. A Paypal invoice for $495 will be emailed back to you. Once that is paid a license key will be returned to you. This is presently not automated, so please allow 24 hours.

Thank you.

GeoAdjust Screenshots